S5:E2 – Can boys be pregnant? What Is Sex?

Isy and Rebecca are joined by return guest Cori Maskart: standardized patient, gifted performer, parent extraordinaire, and former pregnant boy! They discuss uterine transplants, immaculate conception, and breaking down binary understandings of gender. Any thoughts on this episode? We want to hear from you! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, our website, or at contact@yestoconsent.orgSupport What is Sex? on Patreon to help pay hosting fees, guests, editors, and hosts!
  1. S5:E2 – Can boys be pregnant?
  2. S5:E1 – how can sex help you in the future
  3. S4:E10 – What are your unbridgeable gaps?
  4. S4:E9 – Why does girls moan when they have sex?
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