S4:E10 – What are your unbridgeable gaps? What Is Sex?

Wow, everyone was a little loopy for this one! Isy had Covid, people had some internet lags, some background noise, but they got through it and appreciate your patience!Isy and Rebecca were joined by their wonderful friends Carly and Yema to play a game of unbridgeable gaps in which they identified which qualities in a person would be dealbreakers, red flags, or green flags for them.Contact us contact@yestoconsent.org to tell us your unbridgeable gaps and red flags!Support What is Sex? on Patreon to help pay hosting fees, guests, editors, and hosts!We want to hear from you! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or at contact@yestoconsent.org 
  1. S4:E10 – What are your unbridgeable gaps?
  2. S4:E9 – Why does girls moan when they have sex?
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  4. S4:E8 – Why am I still bleeding??
  5. S4:E7 – Do you go to a stripping club? Is it juicy?