“This was the best workshop so far… by far – I wish there was more time!”

“Isy made the room very comfortable, fun, and professional w/ realistic discussions/stories.”

“SO GOOD!  Great presenter”

“Wonderful, super-informative and helpful workshop”

“The workshop surpassed my expectations. I realized how I have been embarrassed by my daughter’s brashness and concerned that she was not perceived to be one of the “good girls” at school. How wrong I have been. This is a turning point in parenting my daughter. My job is to support her and celebrate
her strength. Thank you, for helping us mothers figure out ways to have non-judgmental conversations with our children about one of the most meaningful and powerful human experiences.”

“The (sex) Positive language that you address is profound and powerful. Way beyond my expectations. More time needed!! However I absolutely learned more than I imagined. The generation that you represent gives me hope.”

“A fantastic workshop!  Thank you for helping to create a world where women are treated awesomely.”

“Thought-provoking. Super powerful and empowering. Really helpful.”

“I liked it because it was casual and not awkward.”

“I REALLY enjoyed this workshop and am feeling really inspired and motivated!”

“I think you should do this more often because a lot of these topics aren’t talked about enough and I love how everyone came together even though some of us don’t know one another.  Also, I love the safe-space environment and the discussion we had 🙂 !”

“You created a really safe environment where everyone was willing and open to participate”